Darling, all night
I have been flickering, off, on, off, on.

Sylvia Plath,Fever 103°.” from Ariel: The Restored Edition (via lifeinpoetry)

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"Graceful Divergence"You’ve probably noticed by now the red dress in all my latest photos from Iceland…  A couple reasons for that: A. I had very little room in my travelling suitcase for extra outfits, especially considering I had to save suit-case space for transporting chocolate (yes, that was my most vital necessity for the trip), and B.  When I was thinking ahead about creating an Icelandic self-portrait series, I wanted something that would depict “standing out”.  Not just a bright colour to stand out against the Icelandic backdrops, but more something of a reflection of my thoughts as of late.
Over the last couple years I have been blessed with several new people in my life, engaging with them and learning of their own thoughts and struggles and triumphs.  I’ve been noticing friends who wish to blend in less and stand out more in this world, in a beautiful and positive way.  And then friends who already stand out but want more than anything to blend in, to be normal.  And It’s got me thinking of my own journey, of my last couple years of my attempting to step out of my comfort zone: Not worrying so much about my ultra social-awkwardness, taking courage in letting myself be seen even in that awkwardness, and trying to live more whole-heartedly.  I usually stay on the sidelines and try not to fully engage with other people’s lives.  I like to blend in and try not to be seen.  I often picture myself getting a little cabin in the mountains far from civilization and being a hermit for the rest of my life with just the company of my pets (which, let’s be honest… I still plan to do that someday).  But even so, people still notice.  People see me as I go about living my life.  And I’ve spent too much time worrying what people think of me, my awkwardness and my quirks and my keeping to myself.  But this has been something I’m learning to let go of, the fears of what people think.  Whether I’m trying to blend in, or make myself known, I’m learning to accept myself as someone who doesn’t need to worry, and learning not to be afraid to be different.  Often all I want is to be silent, to imitate my surroundings, try to blend in, and curl up and forget everything but to exist only as a simple extension of humanity and nature. 
But this year, to me, is about learning to take courage and not worry as I take each step on the path ahead of me .  And If we’re going to stand out, we might as well try our best to do so in a beautiful way.  

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Lil Sitka spruce for Allison’s first tattoo.

Thorsmork, Iceland. #vscocam #hiking #travel

Karen Gillan - ABC’s 2014 Summer TCA Tour Portraits

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Alixann Loosle Photography
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Misty Morning, Prague, Czech Republic
photo via melissa


The library at Mafra National Palace in Portugal. Where, to keep books from being damaged by insects, they uses 500 bats! The bats are kept in boxes during the day but at night they are let out and eat up to double their own body weight in insects. (Info taken from this article at bookwire. Thanks to amygarvey for telling me about it!)
I think I need to go there. Do you think they’d notice if I moved in?

It was considered the most beautiful library in the world!

Lani Elias Fine Art Photography 

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I’m sorry but I cannot accept your Jesus.
Your Jesus is eternally afraid of things
like movies and sex and naked questions.
You’ve wrapped him in a perpetual robe of
white scripture that’s clearly too tight, and
you never let him walk without chaperones
(commonly referred to as followers).
Your Jesus is an everlastingly entitled,
pedigreed general of class warfare.
Over the years splinter groups have tried to
crucify your Jesus, yet you just keep working
your resurrection magic on that shell.
But know this – the hope is still alive, that one
of these tries the impostor will die, for good.
Then the world can watch in wonder at the one
who spins the leaves like a million chimes,
and sings a much quieter song.

Your Jesus // The Beautiful Due (via godinthebrokenness)

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Setting off.